Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Possible Cure for Facebook's Mobile Issue

I am sure the powers that be at Facebook have already considered this, but I think this could be the easy solution to their looming issue with the increasing migration to mobile viewership. In order to monetize mobile use, FB should look to Zynga's app model (I know - Zynga is a crap stock, but FB should take a slice of their strategy and implement it for their own benefit). Zynga has a free app and a paid app for their products. They are able to advertise with their free app, and offer a paid app without advertisements. FB may want to extract a part this business model and have a free app with ads delivered at certain times, and a paid app that has zero advertisements. Realistically, FB could charge for their non-advertisement app at say $10/year. I don't know about you, but if FB rolled this out - I would be pissed at first but then succomb to the fact that I access FB so often with my mobile devices that it would make sense to pay the $10 subscription fee per year. And for those who put their feet down, they will access FB less often with their mobile devices due to annoying ads popping up - thereby encouraging them to use their PC's to access FB which provides a better advertising environment for the company. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will read this and hire me on as an advisor (as I have many more ideas for the company), but don't hold your breath!

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